Raspbian Notes

Keeping a few notes in an easy-to-reach place lest I forget (or end up having to reimage the disk after wrecking things beyond repair and forgetting to back stuff up first…)


  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+
  • Raspbian Stretch Lite
  • Logitech K375s (wireless via USB Unifying Receiver)
  • Monitor (via HDMI)

Fixing Keyboard Annoyances

keyboard and receiver

My Logitech K375s via the unifying receiver works properly except but some of the keys were all a-poopy, i.e.:

  • Home and End cycle between ttys (just weird)
  • Right-Control key would behave like a special character insert key (may be standard on non-US keyboards, I dunno)

No luck trying to change the locale/layout with raspi-config, but appending this to /etc/console-setup/cached_keyboard_setup.sh worked:

kbdrate -d 175 -r 200
loadkeys <<-EOT
    keymaps 0-255

    # make capslock another escape key
    keycode 50 = Escape

    # fix right control key
    keycode 100 = Control

    # fix home key
    keycode 105 = Left
    alt keycode 105 = Home

    # fix end key
    keycode 106 = Right
    alt keycode 106 = End
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