Quote: Who are the Real Heros of Programming?

Who are the real heros of programming?

My customers.

My customers do great things. They often need my software, built and functioning properly for years to do these things. I love building stuff, but they are the real heroes. Just some of the things that they do:

  • get the right drugs get to the right people
  • get the ambulance to the right address
  • get the right materials purchased and delivered
  • get the right product built, on time and budget
  • get the right product shipped accurately and on time
  • make sure the parts going into that airplane are certified
  • make sure your insurance claim gets processed properly
  • make sure they make enough $, so they can keep doing it

I can go on and on, but you kinda get the idea. I love to learn, to optimize and refactor, and to build beautiful things. But what I do pales in comparison to what they need to do. I never forget that. Ed Weissman, 2010 #

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